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Now booking Spring Salmon, Sturgeon, Summer & Winter Steelhead, Silver Salmon & Fall King Salmon trips  for 2015. Gift certificates are available any time. Home: 503-351-0650, Cell: 503-680-9787


Spring Salmon Fall Kings Astoria Sturgeon

Gear up for the best Fall Salmon Season since 2004!!  August 1st through October.

Larry MartinYOUR Oregon Fishing GUIDE "CAPTAIN LARRY"

     If you're looking for a good time and want to catch some Big fish, then Capt'n Larry is the Guide for you. Check out his reasonable rates by giving him a call, his 40 years of experience speaks for itself catching Spring Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon, Fall Salmon.  Larry Fishes on the Columbia & Willamette Rivers, for Spring Chinook Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead, Then Sturgeon January thru December, and Fall Chinook Salmon & Silver salmon in August, all along the Columbia river to Portland in September and October.

     The Columbia river is still the most famous river in Oregon, with well over One Million Salmon New Boat, 2011and Steelhead every year not counting Hundreds of Thousands of Sturgeon in the river pursued by anglers from all over the World.  These are the Trophy Fish that most people Dream about catching. 

     If you're Looking for a fun vacation and want to catch and take home some nice Fish, then give Capt'n Larry a call, and make your Dreams come true. Be sure and check out Capt'n Larry's New Fishing Calendar for the Best Months to fish. 


     Spring Salmon Fishing
Now fishing in the Portland area April through June on the Columbia & Willamette rivers for Salmon, Steelhead, and Sturgeon.

    Spring Salmon starts showing up in late March and will usually last into June.  They are the best Salmon that you will ever sink your teeth into and they will vary in size from 10 to 40 lbs.  On a good days fishing, limits will prevail.  The weather will be improving in March with another good run coming in for 2015.  So get ready for some real fun and Let's go Fishing!

Now catchint Spring Chinook
Special trips include buying the boat for your privacy. ($1,200.00)   Home: 503-351-0650, Cell: 503-680-9787


Summer Salmon


Oregon Fishing
Spring Salmon, Summer Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead & Fall Salmon
8 hr trips available starting at $200.00
Summer Salmon Sturgeon

June 13, 2015
Hello Fellow Fishermen & Women,

Combo Trips for Salmon, Sturgeon & Steelhead are available for all day trips.

     The forecast for 2015 is supposed to be Fantastic with healthy fish returns of Salmon, Steelhead, and plenty of Sturgeon to go around.

     2015 will bring plenty of Spring Salmon into the Columbia River headed for waters upstream of Bonneville Dam, it's a good number, better than last years.  Summer Chinook pass Bonneville Dam between June and July, and they are larger than Spring Chinook Salmon.  A lot of returning Fall Chinook in August will be 4 year old fish this year.  Upriver Bright Fall Chinook returns in 2015 are expected to be similar according to preliminary estimates from the ODFW.

      The fall season begins Aug. 1, and includes the popular Buoy 10 fishery near Astoria and the fall “upriver bright” season in the main stem Columbia. Managers are estimating a total fall chinook return of 900,900 fish, including a record number of upriver bright fish. If the total run returns as projected, it would be the largest fall chinook run since 2004. While those numbers are up over 2012, the projected return of tule salmon is about the same as last year.   2015 will be a very good run size of somewhat the same as 2014.

     Coho numbers also look to be up. Based on predicted ocean abundances, managers expect coho returns to the Columbia River to be about the same as the 2014 return of fish.

     Sturgeon fishing for the year 2015 will be catch and release only.  Seven days a week, all year long.

     If ever there was a year to buy a one day Fishing License for $17.75, This is it.

Best Wishes for Big Fishes

Wet nets & Tight Lines

Cell: 503-680-9787


Summer Salmon


Fall Chinook & Coho Salmon on the Columbia river
August 1 through

Fall Chinook salmon and Coho salmon fishing starts around August 1st and runs thru October. Fishing for Chinook salmon is the ultimate thrill. Chinook salmon are very wild as they come right from the ocean. Larry follows these fish up river as the salmon migrate and knows the best fishing spots. The size of Chinook salmon vary from about 10 to 60lbs and the run this Fall will be close to normal for 2015

The Columbia River Bouy 10 Salmon Opener August 1st is one of the most highly anticipated of all Oregon fisheries, with moderate Coho-Silver Salmon numbers and plenty of fish off shore, anglers are especially optimistic this year. The Coho silver salmon run will be about a normal return for 2015.  Catches of Coho and Fall Chinook are expected to be great.  The opener is expected to be moderate, and the action will pick up as the season takes off.

Coho salmon is also known as Silver Salmon. Coho salmon range in size from about 5 to 20 lbs and are very active fish. They have been known to jump right into the net. The Coho salmon fishery runs into October and Larry is very familiar with their run as they migrate from the ocean up stream. Coho salmon run up river to all the tributaries of the Columbia River including the Willamette River and the Clackamas River.








     Summer Chinook Salmon Fishing

Salmon & Sturgeon Combo Trips are available

     Spring Chinook Salmon on the Columbia River & The Willamette River start showing up in March and the run usually lasts through May. Spring salmon are some of the best eating fish around.  They vary in size from 10 to 35 lbs.   I use various Lures as well as bait. On a good days fishing limits will prevail, with a two fish limit. 


     Fishing for Sturgeon out of Astoria is productive and it is one of the hottest fisheries in Oregon. Sturgeon are the most powerful fish you will ever catch. Sturgeon fishing is regulated and the minimum length is 38 inches and the maximum is 54 inches. May 14th, the minimum length changes to 41 inches to 54 inches in the Astoria area only.  Sturgeon are very good to eat and Limits usually prevail with a lot of catch and release, after you catch your Keeper, some are just too Big and have to be released, so Remember to book your trip early and get ready to have some " Reel " fun, and " Let's go Fish'n.

Oversized Sturgeon fishing June 1 to October 31. (catch & release)

Nice catch of the day Ethan!      

Catch & Release

Dates to fish in Astoria Oregon

June 1st till October 31st - Sturgeon retention will be catch and release only (seven days a week).


Summer Salmon & Summer Steelhead on the Columbia River
Astoria Summer Steelhead starts May 15th

     Be sure to book up ahead of time for 2015 Summer Salmon & Summer Steelhead on the Columbia river.  There will be a lot of hatchery fish coming back this year, with a 2 fish limit. The run numbers have not come in yet. These Summer Steelhead are a great fighting fish and very good to eat indeed!  We fish the Columbia River from Portland to the mouth of the Columbia River in Astoria at the coast where the fishing is good for Summer Steelhead!  Now is the time to book a trip for 2015, you won't be disappointed.

Steelhead 12 lb steelhead Steelhead
Summer Steelhead Summer Chinook
Summer Salmon   Summer Salmon

Portland Sturgeon Fishing

2015 catch and release only!!! NOW CATCHING!!!

     Sturgeon fishing is an all year fishery, with some months better then others. I fish the whole Columbia River from Astoria up to Bonneville Dam. Sturgeon are very good eating and a lot of fun to catch, they are a very good fighting fish for sure. So be sure and book a Sturgeon trip with me, and I will show you a good time indeed. Even when the season is closed, you can still catch & release any day of the year.
Cubby O'Brian with Wife Holly on a Sturgeon fishing Adventure, Cubby is one of the Original MouseKeteer's from Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club Sturgeon Sturgeon

Jan 1 through Dec 31 - Catch and release Sturgeon fishing only.   Seven days a week.

So Let's go Fishin "

Sturgeon Sturgeon Sturgeon Sturgeon

We offer 4 hour, 6 hour and 8 hour day trips upon availability. 
Arrangements can be made to accommodate large groups.
One day fishing licenses can be written on the boat for $17.75 per person

All major Credit cards are accepted. 

Gift certificates are available.
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New Fishing Calendar

Cell: 503-680-9787


Stay tuned in for more fishing news from Captain Larry or call:

Cell: 503-680-9787

Larry is coast guard licensed and insured. He is very considerate of his clients' needs and places a priority on having a good time fishing. Safety always comes first with Larry.

His boat is first class with everything a fisherman or women would ever want. It is equipped with an inboard heater, and all the right electronics to take you to where the fish are, with seating for up to 6 people.

New Fishing Calendar

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